Aurora – FOMO – 18th Feb 2022. (c) Daniel Carson | www.dcimages.org

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Behind the Pass: Commercial Hospitality Design / SOLD OUT

with Simone Pirovich of work.shop.dine

WED 19 | 4pm

Take a peek behind the curtain of quick-service retail, and explore the world of commercial hospitality design. Retail interior designers, work.shop.dine, lift the lid on the secrets of creating kitchen spaces that are efficient and adaptable, essential in today’s tough economic environment.

Take a guided tour through FOMO’s Street Alleys to explore the borderless and regenerative incubation spaces created for budding small businesses to grow and thrive, then take a step beyond the kitchen door to get a real taste of ‘how it’s made’ with a talk from kitchen consultants Caterlink.

work.shop.dine design studio was founded by Simone Pirovich in 2003 and has since grown into one of the most respected interior design firms in Western Australia. Through her 25+ years of experience in the industry, Simone has honed her expertise in all things retail, hospitality and precinct design. Her mission from the beginning was to establish work.shop.dine as the go-to source for innovative and strategic solutions in commercial retailscapes, developing concepts for both the present and future. work.shop.dine is dedicated to accomplishing the highest design standards possible via originality, honesty, and professionalism.