Victoria Quay Design and Architecture Walk

with Fremantle Ports

Sat 15 | 11am – 12.30pm
Sun 16 | 11am – 12.30pm
TUES 18 | 5:00PM – 6.30pm
THURS 20 | 5:00PM – 6.30PM

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Take a tour of Victoria Quay with an expert guide from Fremantle Ports as part of Fremantle Design Week. 

Fremantle Harbour and Victoria Quay are rich in design history. The Fremantle Inner Harbour was designed by State Engineer CY O’Connor and opened in 1897, and Victoria Quay occupies the port’s southern side. Between the award-winning WA Maritime Museum (2002) and the historic Passenger Terminal (1962) sits an array of structures whose industrial architecture reflects the economic, social and cultural history of the state.

Each tour will commence at the iconic Fremantle Ports Building (1964). Returning at the end of the 1.5 hour tour you’ll have the opportunity to visit the observation desk on top of the building – Fremantle’s highest point – and get a birds-eye view of the port and beyond!

The walks are free, however numbers are limited so registration is essential.

Meeting location:
Fremantle Ports Building
1 Cliff Street, Fremantle WA

Sat 15 | 11am – 12.30pm
Sun 16 | 11am – 12.30pm
Tuesday 18 | 5:00PM – 6.30pm
Thursday 20 | 5:00PM – 6.30PM

For questions about this event please contact the organiser: Donus Gok / Fremantle Ports / 9430 3426.

Fremantle Ports is the strategic manager of the Port of Fremantle. Operating through two harbours, the port facilitates trade that is vital to WA.

The port is a mix of facilities and services managed by Fremantle Ports and private operators. Fremantle Ports provides and maintains; shipping channels; navigation aids; cargo wharves at common user areas and leased terminals; the Fremantle Passenger Terminal; road and rail transport infrastructure in the port area; moles and seawalls; and other port infrastructure such as storage sheds, water, power and public amenities.