Conversation 2: Follow the Money

with Meri Fatin, Professor Anu Rammohan, Adam Carrel, Kylie Hansen & Eugene Hooks

SAT 15 OCT | 11AM – 11:45AM

Award-winning journalist Meri Fatin leads this conversation on how money drives the design of better products, buildings and systems.

Adam Carrel from Climate Change & Sustainability Services at EY is joined by Professor Anu Rammohan from UWA, Kylie Hansen from Impact Seed and Eugene Hooks from Living Edge in this timely and surprising exploration of corporate and individual choices.

If we follow the money, we can see there is positive action and good news on climate change.

This event is part of the Fremantle Design Week Conversations Series. Tickets are available for individual sessions, a whole day or the whole weekend.

Meri Fatin

One of Perth’s sought-after interviewers and panel facilitators, Meri Fatin now focuses on climate related events and conversations.

Meri is the Founder of WA Climate Leaders Inc, a cross sector network that drives leadership in Western Australian business and industry to accelerate emissions reduction and climate action.

She is a former ABC producer, and the producer and presenter of the podcast series ‘Rare Air with Meri Fatin’ available on all podcasting hosting platforms.

Adam Carrel

Adam is a partner in the EY Climate Change and Sustainability Services team at Ernst & Young.

The common theme of all his work is helping businesses to better align their business models to global, environmental and social imperatives.

Adam is a co-author of the EY report, ‘Enough – A review of corporate sustainability, in a world running out of time‘, a critical review of the ability of corporate sustainability to rise to the challenge it has set itself – embodying the goal of Sustainable Development.

Professor Anu Rammohan

Anu Rammohan is Professor of Economics and Director of International Relations at the UWA Business School.

The focus of her research has been on understanding household-level, poverty, vulnerability and socio-economic factors that can influence maternal and child health outcomes, gender and food security issues in South and South East Asia, particularly in India, Indonesia and Myanmar.

Kylie Hansen

Kylie Hansen is an Adjunct Lecturer at the Centre for Social Impact at the University of Western Australia (CSI UWA), and Founding and Executive Director at Impact Seed, Western Australia’s peak capacity builder for impact investment and social enterprise development.

Eugene Hooks

Eugene is a Director of Living Edge. Living Edge supplies authentic, elegantly designed furniture to the Australian marketplace. Each product in the Living Edge portfolio is chosen for its design excellence, authenticity and history.

Living Edge is committed to preserving the environment and has become one of the leaders in sustainability for Australia’s high-end furniture market. It offers many timeless designs that are crafted to last and become treasured pieces, handed down from generation to generation.