FDW Film Festival: Shelter Without Shelter

presented by Hougoumont Hotel & Warders Hotel

TUES 18 | 6:30pm
FRI 21 | 2PM

Shelter Without Shelter is the story of the great hopes and profound challenges of sheltering forced migrants across Europe and the Middle East.

Filmed over two years, this documentary feature takes you behind the scenes to the realities of refugee shelters, the people who created them, and the migrants who have to live in them.

From mega-camps, city squats, and occupied airports, to informal settlements, requisitioned buildings, and flat-pack solutions, Shelter Without Shelter gives you unique insights into one of the greatest challenges of our times.

We all need shelter, but what is it?

Director: Mark E. Breeze
Year: 2020
Country: United Kingdom
Duration: 98mins

Thessoloniki Documentary Film Festival – Official Selection
London Architecture Film Festival – Official Selection
Human Rights Watch Film Festival – Official Selection

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This specially curated and finely calibrated program explores culture, the built environment and the way people operate in it.

 Built for the big screen, it explores the world of the individuals and societies that have created those environments and the forces that shape them. From renowned architects and designers to the power of economics and global politics, this series of international films dives deeply into the struggle between people and their environment, global forces that shape the way we live and the ongoing dilemma between the built and the natural. 

With all but one title being Western Australian premieres, this series curated by Revelation Film Festival Director, Richard Sowada, includes stunning cinematic explorations of form, urgent social justice, meditative cultural observations and brilliantly told portraits.

These excellent works take audiences on a journey not just through architecture and design but ideas and advocacy that place us at the centre of contemporary thinking.

Behind each form and each element within each form, sits ideas and inspirations that synthesise great social, technological and political change.

At their core, lives inspiration and ambition that embrace maverick and outsider approaches that collide head-on with establishment, deliberately or otherwise.

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