Design Thinking

with Design Theory & the DIA

WED 19 | 9AM – 6pm

Design Theory, in conjunction with the Design Institute of Australia, is hosting a ‘Designer for a Day’ workshop for Year 10 students with a keen interest in design. The day will include a series of collaborative activities focused on putting design-thinking into practice and an opportunity to explore great design in Fremantle.

Design professionals will work with small groups of Year 10 students to explore the Fremantle Design Week’s curatorial theme ‘Enough’, culminating in a pin-up exhibition of the students’ work.

At the end of the day, design professionals are invited to the Design Theory studio for a casual sundowner and exhibition viewing – a relaxed and unique setting for the next generation of designers to meet those working in the industry. Interested members of the public are also welcome. Please register to attend.

Project image: Jack Lovel

Design Theory is located at:
71 High Street
Fremantle, WA

For questions about this event please contact the organiser.

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Design Theory is an interior design studio in Fremantle, Western Australia.

We founded Design Theory in 2013 with a desire to integrate our experience of working in international design practices with the creative independence and idiosyncratic personal touch of an owner-operated studio.

Our work is guided by design theory – a system of principles we use to create form and communicate messages. Hence, of course, our name. This together with our practical knowledge of function, serves as the foundation for translating human insights and vision into cohesive, respectful, and immersive interiors, with an aim to enrich the cultural landscape at large.

Today, we are a multi-award-winning studio with experience spanning projects of varied scope and complexity. Headed by a tight-knit team of specialists, we work closely with clients and collaborators across sectors including hospitality, retail, workplace, education and residential.

This event is supported by the Design Institute of Australia.